Experience a fast and easy 3D scan with 3DsizeMe using IOS.

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Experience a smooth and easy 3D scan with 3DSizeMe

The scanner is used in combination with MSoft, our 3D acquisition software. MSoft allows you to scan, clean the file, obtain measurements, extract detailed reports, and save your file as a generic 3D file format.

Process Of Use

Crafting Orthopedic devices with Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning Technology

01 -- Scan

Start a scanning session directly connected to your iPad/iPhone (X or more)

02 -- Process

Add comments, notes, or details to your scan directly on your iOS device. Take pictures or videos of your patient to send along with the scan

03 -- Upload

Upload your scan, pictures, and videos to your desired destination. Open your scan file (iMed file) in MSoft to prepare and export as a ready-to-use 3D file format.

04 -- Modify

Modify your scan through Canfit

Key Features

3DsizeMe: Revolutionizing Body Scanning

A highly mobile digitization tool empowering you to generate 3D models for orthotic and prosthetic manufacturing from any location.

With 3DSizeMe, your patient data is securely transferred and stored locally or in iTunes, fully compliant with GDPR and health data protection regulations.

3DSizeMe provides orthotic and prosthetic clinics, as well as manufacturing centers of all scales, with access to a precise, certified 3D digitization tool for the human body.

01 -- Portable

02 -- Secure

03 -- Accessible

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