Arkad Printer

3D print insoles with Arkad Printer: Choose from 17 densities, minimize waste, maximize efficiency, all in-office, without any noise.

3D printed mutlidensities foot orthotics

24/7 3D printing solution


Arkad printer, the new resource for your office to improve your productivity

Produce up to 230 insole pairs monthly with real-time progress monitoring. Zero waste and silent operation ensure efficiency. Insoles are immediately usable and can be modified post-print. Experience seamless production and customization with the Arkad Printer, revolutionizing 3D printing in-office.

Key Features

Fast, accurate, easy to use 3D printer

01 -- Uninterrupted production

print insoles around the clock with 24/7 production capacity

02 -- Washable and recycled insoles

Wash insoles and recycle with plastic components, offering patients sustainable reuse options.

03 -- Print up to 5 centimeters

3D printing capability with a minimum printing height of 5 millimeters and a maximum height of 5 centimeters.

Process Of Use

Organize your production depending on your needs

Choose the densities area of your insoles with the 17 densities available in Arkad soft

Inscribe your patient’s name or add a tracking number to the insole’s backs.

Send it directly for 3D printing or save it for later

Final 3D-printed insoles are ready for immediate use, with optional covers. Some adjustments are possible, thanks to the insoles’ material.

01 -- Choose the densities

02 -- Mark your insoles

03 -- Print now or later

04 -- 3D-printed insoles


Recommended by industry professionals

I see more patients since using the Arkad printer, freeing up time previously spent on insole production.

I no longer need to manage my stocks thanks to Arkad printer's unique material, eliminating raw material handling.

Arkad printer enabled me to offer additional services/products, such as tailored insoles matching specific shoes with consistent correction.

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