Arkad Scan

Digitize your patients’ footprints seamlessly with Arkad Scan directly from your iPad or iPhone for a quick acquisition process.

All types of acquisition options

Portable 3D scan


The perfect 3D scanner for every type of footprint.

No matter where you are, Arkad Scan provides a portable, versatile, and intuitive solution. Experience seamless navigation, and a simplified interface, and easily generate precise scans of your patients' feet, whether using your iPad or iPhone. Choose your preferred acquisition method and create a 3D file without any effort.

Key Features

Scan your patients' footprints with precision

01 -- Various acquisition options

Whether it's from a foam box or contact-free using a foot support, Arkad Scan offers versatile methods to scan your patients' feet.

02 -- Precision

Arkad Scan ensures precise results crucial for the initial stage of designing orthopedic insoles.

03 -- Streamline workflow

follow Arkad Scan's step-by-step process to obtain a 3D acquisition of your patient’s feet.

Process Of Use

A streamlined interface for footprint scanning

Set up your patient profile, fill out the patient form, and let the system guide you through the process.

Decide among three measurement acquisition methods: full weight using a foam box, weight-bearing or semi-weight-bearing with a foot support, and non-weight-bearing with a free foot.

Get perfect results in seconds by starting your scan and following the application's instructions.

Gain the option to attach any images with your patient's scan.

01 -- Create your patient

02 -- Select the scan type

03 -- Automatic settings

04 -- Include photos


Recommended by industry professionals

With Arkad Scan, I use the application for free and send my file directly to my manufacturing center to receive my finished pair of foot orthotics.

I scan all my patients, no matter where I am, and send my scans directly to my production unit without delaying the design of my patients' insoles.

Before, I only used impression boxes, but now with Arkad Scan, I adapt to the patient based on the pathologies encountered.

Technical details -Compatibility

iPad iPhone X or more (technology True Depth - front camera) Structure Sensor

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