Arkad Soft

Explore our comprehensive and user-friendly software Arkad Soft tailored for precise insole design, compatible with various acquisition and manufacturing methods.

Design all types of insoles

Create your own insole templates


Arkad software enables digitalizing traditional methods, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency.

Take full control of the rectification process in Arkad Soft with tailored professional tools, customizable anytime. Efficiently replicate insoles, track modifications in real-time, and access diverse options for 3D printed or milled insoles—all within a single solution.

Key Features

Elevate your design insoles

01 -- Compatibility

Arkad Soft offers a variety of manufacturing methods: 3D printing, milling, etc.

02 -- Reproduction

After mastering the insole design, recreating it only takes seconds.

03 -- Customization

the software offers fully customizable tools and models.

Process Of Use

Design all types of insoles with Arkad Soft

choose between available templates or create your own catalog

not only your scan but also image, objects, pressure plate or/and elements

choose your correction tools with curves, symmetrize, and visualize the 3D view of your insole

Select between 17 densities for the insole if you are using Arkad printer

01 -- Selection of the template

02 -- Import your scan

03 -- Design the insoles

04 -- Choose your manufacturing method


Recommended by industry professionals

I customize all my patients' insoles through template personalization.

With these powerful professional tools, I achieve both timesaving and precision in insole design

Now using Arkad soft, I can show, prove and explain the efficacity of the insoles to my patient’s

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