With Axelle, the new generation of robots enables to manufacture all devices in record time: corsets, seats, prosthesis aesthetics, lower limbs, standing orthoses...

Fast machining cycles

Optimal Axis management: continuous or sequenced strategy


Experience unmatched flexibility with the Axelle robot

From milling a helmet in less than 2 minutes to manufacturing a prosthesis in less than 5 minutes and a corset in 5 to 10 minutes, the Axelle robot guarantees rapid production times. Thanks to its combination with precise acceleration control, vibration reduction, and seamless 7th axis synchronization that minimizes machining increments and keeps cycle times below industry standards, our technology offers irreproachable finish quality and unrivaled efficiency.

Key Features

Meeting your expectations with a new generation of robots

01 -- Adaptability

upgrade the Axelle robot with our Robotmaster CAM software for enhanced capabilities, enabling it to efficiently tackle intricate and combined forms.

02 -- Simplicity

the generation of machining paths is automated once milling is complete for all shapes created along a single axis.

03 -- Speed

thanks to its external axes management, the Axelle robot can achieve unparalleled performance in machining and clipping.

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