Canfit Design Software

Repeatable, measurable, and fast, digital prosthetic and orthotic rectification and design

Improved patient outcomes

O&P Specific


The best Computer Aided Design software for modifications in O&P

The Canfit™ computer-aided design (CAD) software application empowers you to quickly design all types of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices. Uniquely easy to learn and anatomically correct, it will have you reaping the full benefits of digital O&P technology in short order. CANFIT is compatible with all existing CAD/CAM solutions on the market and adapts to all equipment.

Maximize your productivity gains

Key features

Continuously improved through clinical feedback, this powerful program meets the need of any practitioner.

Automate O&P workflows with macros. Save buildups, reductions, and trimlines with overlays.

Improve efficiency by up 600% with Canfit

01 -- Ease of Use

02 -- Limitless Advantages

03 -- Efficient

User quotes

Recommended by industry professionals

A much more efficient and easier CAD software. The modification abilities are much more intuitive

Rachel Friddle

We get a truer picture of what the patient is going to look like in the brace and how the brace may affect their curvature. We're hoping to have a better treatment outcome in the end.

Don Virostek

Canfit’s digital design tools enable us to make shape modifications that are more anatomically correct: we can rotate, align, and twist in ways that we just cannot do in plaster.

Martin Kaufmann

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Canfit Design Software

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