Our Cube software offers limitless design possibilities for all types of 3D printing devices and positioning equipment (such as seats, beds, and standing devices).

Dedicated for 3D printing design

Specialized for positioning devices


Design complex orthopedic forms easily

Cube seamlessly incorporates patient scans and streamlines the modeling of positive and negative shapes effortlessly. The software offers comprehensive features for designing orthopedic devices, catering to both 3D printing and milling processes.

Process Of Use

Design without limits

01 -- Import your scan

import your scan directly from your scanning device or CAD software.

02 -- Clean and model your scan

CUBE offers you numerous tools to prepare and clean up your scan before designing

03 -- Design without limits

create your final design ready for 3D printing thanks to tools specifically developed by our team for orthopedic needs.

04 -- STL export

whether for 3D printing or milling, export your final shape in STL format, ready to be manufactured with any material or 3D printer.

What you can do with CUBE

Specialized 3D printing software tailored for orthopedic requirements

for 3D printing, in one or two parts, design any type of helmet for baby cranial deformation or any other needs.

create seats, beds, standing devices from positive or negative scans .

design any type of AFO for 3D printing - static or joint AFO can be designed for a child or an adult patient.

design a test socket or final prosthesis for 3D printing without limits.

design any shape for any specific need your patient may have, thanks to unlimited design tools.

01 -- Plagiocephaly helmet

02 -- Positioning devices

03 -- AFO

04 -- Prosthetics

05 -- All types of devices


Recommended by industry professionals

Starting 3D printing, I chose Cube for its specific tools dedicated to the CPO profession, greatly facilitating my orthopedic designs

With Cube, I can design very innovative and limitless devices that do not exist on the market.

3D printing has sparked a new interest and increased demand for creative designs. With Cube, I can meet these needs, and my patients are very satisfied to have customizable devices.

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