Luma 3D Scanner

Take your patient care to the next level. Scan from head to foot with confidence and flexibility.


Intuitive user face

Windows-based software


Looking for a portable and easy-to-use option for scanning custom orthotics and prosthetics?

The Luma 3D Scanner is a lightweight device designed with clinicians in mind when it comes to the busy traveling lifestyle. Wirelessly scan patients or casts, and quickly clean files for digital design. Skip sending the file and modify it directly on the tablet through our Canfit Software.

Key Features

A mobile scanning solution to fit your fast-paced clinical needs.

Modify scans with Canfit directly installed on the same tablet for greater convenience.

Remove unwanted scan clutter with ease through its unmatched cleaning capabilities.

Confidently move around patients or casts without compromising accuracy.

Quickly pack the scanner and tablet in your bag and travel between clinics with ease.

Simple button layout and controls designed for ease of use.

01 -- All-in-one capability

02 -- Powerful cleaning tools

03 -- Position tracking

04 -- Portability

05 -- Intuitive User Interface


Installation & Configuration

The Luma software is optimized for use with the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

User quotes

Recommended by industry professionals

"I have found capabilities with the Luma scanner that I don’t think I could have accomplished with other scanners.”

Jonathan Taylor, Spinal Technology

“Leveraging the Luma scanner and Canfit design software means that my clinicians can see more patients and reduce their turnaround time.”

Momentum Health technologies

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