Automated Processing Software for 3D Scanning

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Automated Processes and 3D Scan Analysis


Effortlessly scan, process, analyze, and transmit files with MSoft directly on your device.

By utilizing MSoft, you can save considerable processing time and ensure that you no longer receive unusable files from your clients. Enjoy a smooth and effortless 3D scanning experience with MSoft.


Process of use

01 -- Scan or Import

Initiate a scanning session directly on MSoft using a handheld scanner. Import any 3D file format of a body part, ensuring the generation of clean and watertight files, with or without measurements.

02 -- Processing

Utilize simple functions within MSoft to align, clip, and reconstruct your 3D file. Additionally, add measurements and export reports as needed.

03 -- Export

Save your 3D file by selecting from the various file formats we offer, tailored to your specific requirements.


Key Features

Scan and process files directly on your iPad; our advanced algorithms handle alignment, cropping, and file closure automatically.

Generate predetermined, semi-automatic, and personalized measurements. Achieve consistent results when scanning a body part repeatedly.

Following your scanning session, review your 3D file to validate it. Upon approval, effortlessly send the file in the desired format (STL, OBJ, PLY, etc.).

Utilize the on-screen comparison feature to monitor patient progress by comparing different scanned forms.

01 -- Automatic post-Treatment

02 -- Automatic Measurements

03 -- Export and Visualization of 3D Files

04 -- Comparison Function

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