My 3D size me

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Use your colors, logo …


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My3DSizeMe offers a personalized touch to your 3D scanning experience, allowing you to tailor the app with your own colors and logo. With My3DSizeMe, customization is key, ensuring that your branding and identity are seamlessly integrated into the app interface.

Key features

Customize your 3D scanning experience

Give your app to your customers and enjoy gaining new customers by having your C-Fab/Lab info on our website.

Add fields that are important for your production process and set mandatory fields to ensure you have all the information to complete your order.

Add unique features to your app: your PDF order form, authentication, encryption, MSoft+, connection to your web portal and more.

01 -- Increase your brand’s loyalty

02 -- Avoid missing information

03 -- Improve your daily operations

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My 3D size me

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