Structure Sensor

Experience total freedom in digitization with the Structure Sensor, the pioneering 3D sensor for mobile devices, offering unmatched portability and versatility

Compatible with iPad devices

Attached the dedicated app: 3DSizeMe


Simplifies on-site patient scans for orthopaedic professionals.

Transforming your iPad into a portable 3D scanner, the Structure Sensor simplifies on-site patient scans for orthopaedic professionals. Compact, cable-free, and intuitive, it's complemented by the specialized 3DSizeMe app, offering a complete, affordable digitalization solution


Key Features

The structure sensor + iPad together weigh less than 450 grams. Ultra-portable and adapted for travel. The ideal mobile tool.

Structure Sensor scans from 40 cm (accuracy +/-4 mm). Easy to handle for taking 3D measurements.

Structure Sensor works with 3DSizeMe application, specifically designed for the orthopaedic industry.

Its infrared technology (Class 1 laser) is industry widely recognized as safe and painless with outstanding performance.

01 -- Light and compact

02 -- Accurate

03 -- Compatible with 3DSizeMe

04 -- Highly performant

User quotes

Recommended by industry professionals

It’s the perfect ally working with the apple environment

The structure Sensor is working perfectly with the 3D scan application: 3DSizeMe

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