Victor compact Plus

With Victor Compact Plus, double your production with two rotary tables installed in their own cabinet, increasing production capacity.

Two rotary stations

Increase productivity


Optimize your limited space

Optimize your milling operations effortlessly with the Victor Compact Plus, designed to increase your production capacity while conserving valuable space. With its two-stations, compact design, and two-tray unit, it's the ideal choice for streamlining workflow, maximizing efficiency, and achieving high levels of productivity in the manufacture of prosthetics and orthotics.

Key Features

Maximize production efficiency while saving space

01 -- Productivity

seamlessly increase milling production capacity and meet growing demands with Victor Compact Plus' dual-station design, ensuring swift and efficient manufacturing processes.

02 -- Cost-effective

benefit from the economic advantages of the Victor Compact Plus, which integrates a Victor Compact robot and two rotating trays to effectively double production output.

03 -- Precision

thanks to its two-tray unit, it facilitates precision milling operations to efficiently deliver high-quality prosthetics and orthotics.

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