3Axis Carver

A reliable and efficient, automated prosthetic and orthotic carving solution for every business.

Reliable and durable

Simple and intuitive workflow

Carve an AFO in 15 minutes


The prosthetics and orthotics industry's workhorse

Heavy-duty components, precision bearings, and high-quality seals make the 3-axis Carver the most reliable and durable mold machining system available. It is a proven workhorse that delivers many years of low maintenance, accurate, trouble-free service in even the highest volume production applications.

Key features

The specialized O&P Carver

01 -- Large Capacity

Handle almost any brace, from the smallest infant orthotic to the largest adult spinal orthotic.

02 -- Reliable

A proven workhorse specifically for O&P. Low maintenance and dependable for a 10+ year life.

03 -- Efficient

Save money by reusing large blanks or carving multiple molds at once for less foam waste and carve most devices in 5-20 minutes.

04 -- Safe

Enclosed carving space with automatic door locks


Recommended by industry professionals

Half the time of our old carver. The capacity to produce larger molds.

Sean Cadieux

Director of Operations, Spinal Technology, Inc.

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