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Revolutionizing podiatry practice: a success story with Arkad




30 April 2024


Podiatry Solutions

In the world of podiatry, practitioners are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance patient care while streamlining their operations. Marion Désormeaux, a podiatrist based in France, found herself facing challenges: time-consuming manufacturing processes, juggling professional responsibilities with personal life, and the quest for customized insole solutions tailored to her patients’ needs. However, her journey took a transformative turn when she discovered Arkad by Qwadra.

Embracing digital evolution

Marion discovered Arkad by chance at a podiatry conference in 2022. Attracted by its customizable design software, she was initially reluctant to switch from traditional methods to digital. However, Arkad’s promise of preserving her craft while offering unprecedented customization won her over.

“Arkad allowed me to customize everything, import my elements, and create my own insoles through the software,” Marion explains, reflecting on her decision to embrace digital innovation.

The decision to integrate Arkad into Marion’s practice wasn’t merely about staying abreast of technological advancements; it was about achieving tangible improvements in efficiency and patient satisfaction. Marion envisioned a future where she could offer more appointments, reduce waiting times, and expedite insole delivery without compromising quality.

“With Arkad, I found breathing space in my daily life,” Marion attests, highlighting the transformative impact on her practice’s workflow and her personal well-being.

Driving efficiency and patient satisfaction

The transition to Arkad was all about improving patient care and operational efficiency. Marion praises the support of the Qwadra team, whose dedication has enabled seamless integration of digital workflows into her practice.

“The Qwadra team is exceptional in terms of proximity, responsiveness, and kindness. In summary, true professionals serving professionals.”, says Marion.

Arkad’s impact on Marion’s practice has been significant. Not only has Arkad streamlined manufacturing processes, but it has also freed up valuable time, allowing Marion to focus on patient care. In addition, the precision offered by Arkad enabled the production of insoles that not only effectively met patients’ needs, but has also exceeded their expectations and aroused the curiosity of patients.

“They are flattered to be among the first to have this type of technique. Since the printer arrived at the clinic, it has become a distraction during treatments. Even patients who come for other reasons are drawn to it and find themselves wanting to consult to see if they need foot orthotics” affirms Marion.

With Arkad, Marion’s practice exemplifies the convergence of cutting-edge technology and patient care, setting a new standard for podiatric precision and patient satisfaction.

In the ever-evolving landscape of podiatry, Marion’s story is an example of innovation, illustrating the profound impact of adopting digital solutions tailored to the needs of practitioners and patients. With Arkad by Qwadra, the future of podiatry care is not only promising, it’s personalized, efficient, and transformative.

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