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Revolutionizing Prosthetics and Orthotics: The Power of Robot Carving and 3D Printing




18 April 2024


3D Print

In the dynamic landscape of the Prosthetics and Orthotics (O&P) industry, 3D printing and robot carving have emerged as transformative technologies. These innovations have not only streamlined production processes but have also paved the way for custom-fit, lightweight devices that can be manufactured quickly and affordably, marking a significant leap forward in patient care.

Advancements in Carving:

Technological breakthroughs within the O&P field have revolutionized the customization of prosthetics and orthotics to precisely fit each patient’s unique body and requirements. Powered by computer-aided design, robot carvers now have the ability to craft products tailored for diverse individuals. Personalized treatment, especially when it involves devices like prosthetic sockets, significantly enhances patient outcomes. All Qwadra carvers are fast, accurate, easy to operate, and built to last. They work as an integral part of the Qwadra CAD/CAM solution for O&P. In minutes, a complex prosthetic or orthotic mold is ready for fabrication using Canfit (our CAD software). Final devices can then be milled directly on your Qwadra carver or Robot.

Introducing Axelle Robots:

Enter the new generation of Axelle robots, designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing with unprecedented efficiency. These robots empower you to craft a wide range of devices—from braces to seats, prostheses, and lower limbs—in record time. With superior adaptability, Axelle robots offer optimal management of external axes and lightning-fast machining cycles. Achieving remarkable speeds, with milling times as short as under 2 minutes for a helmet and under 5 minutes for a prosthesis, Axelle robots set a new standard in precision and productivity.

Explore the Full Range of Victor Robots:

For those seeking to further enhance production capabilities, the Victor robot series offers a comprehensive solution. Victor Compact provides a simplified, practical, and mobile option for milling various shapes, while Victor Compact Plus features dual rotating tables to boost production capacity. Meanwhile, Victor Unlimited represents the pinnacle of customization, combining the performance of the Compact version with multi-station configuration and enhanced programming autonomy. With Victor Unlimited, manufacturers can tailor their robotic machining solutions to match their unique needs, increasing productivity and realizing their vision with precision.

The advent of 3D printing:

Also known as additive manufacturing, involves the layer-by-layer construction of a digital design, resulting in bespoke objects swiftly and efficiently. This process mirrors nature’s efficiency and minimizes waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods, making it an ideal choice for prosthetic and orthotic devices.

One of the key advantages of 3D printing lies in its ability to rapidly produce custom-designed objects using a variety of materials.

With the arrival of 3D printing in the orthotics and prosthetics field comes a new era of innovation and efficiency. Our Arkad printer, dedicated to podiatry, exemplifies this progress. Operating silently and continuously, directly from your office, without the need for additional equipment, it represents a leap forward in convenience and accessibility. This cutting-edge technology enables printing in multidensity, thanks to its advanced 3D capabilities, while also minimizing waste. The Arkad printer serves as a prime example of the transformative potential of 3D printing in our industry, offering precise and personalized devices that enhance patient comfort and showcasing how technology can greatly improve practitioner productivity.

3D Printing Software:

At Qwadra, we have developed several software dedicated to 3D printing, essential for designing the devices you want to produce, providing you easy access to this new technology.

  • Cube: Tailored for O&P applications, Cube offers a suite of tools to unleash creativity and design intricate structures for 3D printing.
  • Fitflow: This customized workflow streamlines the design process, boosting productivity and efficiency while maintaining creative flexibility.

Over the past 15 years, a silent revolution has unfolded in patient-specific treatment using digital technology, 3D printing, and Robot Carvers. With the advent of 3D printing and Robot Carving, customized prosthetics are becoming the norm, accelerating production and offering cost-effective solutions without compromising functionality. This intersection of technology and healthcare is reshaping the landscape, providing patients with personalized devices that enhance their quality of life.

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