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4 July 2024



Qwadra Showcases Cutting-Edge O&P Solutions at OT World 2024 in Leipzig 


May was a busy month for Qwadra with many of the team on the road with one of our stops being at OT World 2024 in Leipzig, Germany!  

This global event for the O&P community provided a perfect stage for Qwadra to demonstrate its state-of-the-art solutions and product offerings, designed to revolutionize patient care and streamline operations for clinicians and technicians. 



Highlighting Innovation and Excellence 

At OT World 2024, Qwadra proudly showcased an array of advanced products, each tailored to meet the evolving needs of the O&P industry: 

3D Scanners: Our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology offers unparalleled precision in capturing patient anatomy. This ensures a perfect fit for custom orthotic and prosthetic devices, enhancing comfort and functionality for users. Choose from the Luma, Structure, Bodyscan and more!  

Design and Modification Software: Qwadra’s intuitive software suite enables seamless design and modification of O&P devices. From Canfit, Cube and Fitflow, these powerful tools simplify the creation process, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications to meet individual patient needs effectively.

Manufacturing: Our innovative robotic carving systems automate the shaping process of orthotic and prosthetic components, delivering consistent, high-quality results. This technology reduces production time and minimizes human error, ensuring a reliable and efficient workflow. From the Axelle to the Victor unlimited we have a carver that suits every workflow. 

Arkad: Our Arkad solution is revolutionizing podiatry. Imagine producing 50 pairs of custom insoles every week, effortlessly, with 1 Arkad printer! With 17 density options, our noiseless, waste-free technology maximizes productivity.   


Engaging with the O&P Community 

The OT World conference is not only a venue for showcasing products but also a vital opportunity to connect with our customers and partners. We had the pleasure of engaging in meaningful conversations with industry professionals, sharing insights, and exploring the latest trends and challenges in the O&P sector. These interactions reinforce our commitment to innovation and our dedication to supporting the O&P community. 

ot world qwadra

Missed Us at the Show? 

For those who were unable to attend OT World 2024 or missed visiting our booth, we’re eager to connect with you. Our team is available to provide detailed information about our products and discuss how Qwadra’s innovative solutions can benefit your practice. Please feel free to reach out to us at 


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